Top Teams in Premier League

Premier_League_Rebrands_DesignStudio_02This year sees the 25th season of the Premier League from the English Association Football, which sees the cream of football talent grace the fields. According to specialised blogger Christopher Harris, the top three predictions for this season, which he posted in August 2016, when the league began, are as follows:

Tottenham Hotspurs

Formed by boys at grammar-school in the Bible class of All Hallows Church in 1882, Tottenham Hotspurs is today earmarked to be this year’s Premier League winner. It is managed by Mauricio Pochettino since 2014, who has expressed a bid to bring in young soccer talent. In the 2014 league, critics and fans observed that under Pochettino, Spurs’s premier league team was the youngest, ever with the average age being around 22. Will this be the year when all this young soccer talent comes of age professionally?

Manchester United

Also known as the Red Devils, Manchester United is this year 112 years old, and from 1910, they’ve called the Old Trafford stadium where they are based, the “Theatre of Dreams”. With the start of the Premier League in 1992, Man United has been synonymous with iconic football players such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Bryan Robson and more. Since 2014, Louis van Gaal has been the football club’s manager, and he comes with a string of credentials that attests to his sterling management of top level European football.


It was a group of men employed by an armaments factory in 1886 who decided to get together and form a football team that sowed the seeds for what is today Arsenal Football Club. For the last 20 years, Arsène Wenger, fondly known as The Professor, has been the manager of Arsenal. He has seen the team through some astonishing successes and seems to be one of its magic ingredients if you look at the winning streaks it has enjoyed since 2004.

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